You have to take a lot of yourself and love you, how?

I graduated in the first year. But he has become disappointed because he has not considered being a favorite. In the meantime, I met a son. It is very comfortable. Although we gradually become close friends. Once, we all know that everything is alike. After a few days I learn through my friends, she loves me. Then it became very weak for him.

He knows that he knows my weakness through friends Then create the distance for a while. Once again he started maintaining regular contact. In the meantime, I know that she likes another girl. Customize my first emotion of evil. But we are suffering from depression. I read a lot of books. I tried reading books and trying to avoid depression. Avoid friends with friends. Because the boy always lives with my friends. His eyesight, weakness in my face. My friends continue to talk about a little boy and a favorite girl. I want to avoid this, but I have serious depression. You want to get out of this uncomfortable situation. But I can not do anything

The chance to study at the university is very sad but you can not read the topic of choice. Many students are very educated about the problems of dreams. For this reason, fruits can not be very good next time. Due to the error of our educational system, many students interested in education have been lost. It is important to assess the interest and motivation of students during their eighth grade study. During this tragic situation, friendship with one of your children is self-evident. It is similar to your taste, it is natural to be close. But when the boy realized that your relationship was beyond the limits of friendship and you were weak with him, then you could be careful about it. If you are not interested in anything other than friendship, then they can be notified directly. Without that, maybe he was unable to understand the pain that caused him by suddenly and suddenly creating a place with you. Perhaps it was in some confusion.

I was so helpless that he could not take any initiative to ask about it. Again, when the boy started calling without giving any explanation for the previous behavior, you did not know whether you want an explanation for it or not. If you do not, then you think that I love you because I like it.

Perhaps you were very happy at that time and did not want to know anything else. But you have the right to know that you have. Then when he knows that he is weak for another girl, then the salary is very big. He has fought many mental battles to deal with the severe pain of his rejection. On the other hand, maintaining a busy mind gives yourself some relief. By doing so, you left friends with your friends, who made you more alone. If we feel the inside vacuum, then if we exchange crying with our close friends, then it is possible to give a little light. Unfortunately, your friends can not be sympathetic to understanding it. They give you more trouble by telling the boy and his favorite daughter repeatedly. Avoiding them helps you a little bit this time, but it hinders your mental strength.

When you take care of something, friends will respectfully say that they are trying to see themselves at their place instead of being afflicted. They give you time to separate from the boy, you can request it. If you are a close friend of the family, you can give yourself relief by expressing regret. Reveal the delicate nature of a person rather than signs of weakness. We can all come under the conditions of keeping our whole life in some parts of life. Then, expressing ourselves, we can get the strength to stand back by the closest people. If you are able to strengthen yourself, if you want, you can write or write the child with your mouth, your double role is due to your brain. You have to take a lot of yourself and love you, how?