How to take place in a long time where people have lost

Many people think of us, “We have gone for everyone for health and safety, but this does not take place in a long time where people have lost their lives because of lack of health and safety.

A large number of people are getting acquainted with health and safety, it is more common that a person or group has to face the disaster after which the high risk of injury or injury. Is caused by, or loss of life, and because it can be made without sulfur, is associated with the cause of the work of the industrial organization.

There is a plant that produced ammonium sulphate before the First World War. , The production of ammonium nitrate began, even though the factor was imported in Germany two months ago, but the warning has not received attention and the practice In Oobao, the destruction was so bad that at 300 kilometers of Munich heard a loud bang on the scale, stop a lot of 30 kilometers of broken glass for traffic.

The steam explosion and fire which in the local environment 5% of the heart of the radioactive reactor has been released, and large areas of land have been contaminated in the surrounding towns and the borders of the country. SS Mont Blanc struck on November 6 with a Norwegian ship, SS Imo, to carry weapons during the war.

Confronted by a fire, which in turn set fire to explosives on board. Tsunami, who made himself the cause of death and destruction, eliminated the whole community of Mamek people in the first nations living in the Taft Kov region for generations. The number of people who died after the first few days was not confirmed, but estimated 8,000 died within the other two weeks, and since then 8,000 more due to gas related diseases.

In 1997 and 1999, the fire rules, such as health and safety rules, take responsibility for working in our fellow workers, people living and nearby towns and villages.